Is it really necessary to buy a hair removal device?


Today we are going to talk about hair remover. For example, what is the difference between different types of hair removal devices? What should we pay attention to when purchasing? If you also have the above questions, then the following content must be coded carefully, let’s take a look together without further ado!

1.What does a hair remover remove?

Our hair can be divided into four parts from bottom to top: "hair papilla, hair follicle, hair root and hair shaft". The exposed part is the hair shaft, the hair root is hidden in the skin, the hair follicle is the epithelial tissue that wraps the hair root, and the dermal papilla is the tissue that connects the capillaries and nerve endings at the end of the hair follicle.


The most critical part of this is the hair follicle tissue. The epithelial cells in the hair follicle promote hair replacement and growth through division and reproduction, and the hair also absorbs nutrients through the hair follicle. Therefore, when the hair follicle is damaged, the hair growth rate will be affected, or even no longer grow. 

Therefore, when we use ordinary methods to remove hair, what we remove is only the hair shaft, while when we use medical methods such as laser freezing point to remove hair, what is destroyed is the hair follicles. There is an essential difference between the two.

2. What is the difference in the hair removal effect of different methods?

Ordinary hair removal is to remove the hair shaft by methods such as depilatory cream, beeswax hair removal, hair removal knife, etc. This method is low in cost and low in difficulty, but the effect is short-term. When the hair enters a new growth cycle, the new hair shaft will grow come out. Moreover, sisters with sensitive skin may experience allergies and injuries when using the above methods for hair removal, so this method is only suitable for emergency hair removal needs.


Medical beauty hair removal is to use physical methods such as laser hair removal and freezing point hair removal to destroy hair follicle tissue and affect the hair growth cycle. This method is effective, but in order to achieve permanent hair removal effect, it needs to perform multiple times of hair removal in succession. The single cost is high and the cumulative The cycle is long, and few partners are willing to spend one or two thousand for hair removal, so medical beauty hair removal is more suitable for partners with sufficient budget~



Since both methods have problems, is there a method that can achieve permanent hair removal at low cost? The home hair removal instrument is a good family product to solve the above problems.


3. Advantages of home hair removal device?

The biggest advantage of the home hair removal device is low cost, good effect, small irritation and easy to use, allowing us to experience the effect of hair removal in beauty salons without leaving home.

Most household hair removal devices use the principle of pulsed strong light, which is similar to the laser hair removal used by professional institutions. They use selective photothermal action to precisely hit the hair follicle's hair growth site, mainly by releasing photons to penetrate the surface of the skin. , reach the deep hair follicles, convert the melanin in the hair follicles into heat energy, and prompt the heated hair follicles to enter a dormant state to achieve the effect of hair removal.



As long as the energy of the hair removal device is sufficient, some hair follicles will be permanently damaged, and new hairs will not be able to grow. After several times of continuous hair removal, the overall growth rate of hair will be significantly slowed down, and it will be achieved after a period of persistence. The goal of long-term suppression of hair growth.

However, there are many hair removal devices on the market, and not all of them are effective. If you want to choose a truly reliable hair removal device, you must remember the following purchasing skills.


4. Novice shopping skills

When buying a home hair removal device, novices can make judgments from safety certificates, real-person use test reports, parameters of the hair removal device, and brands.

1. Hair removal devices normally sold in the Chinese market must comply with the national recommended standard GB/T 36419-2018 "Household and Similar Skin Beauty Devices", or the international standard EN 55014-1:2017 "Safety Regulations for Household and Similar Electrical Appliances" , International Electrotechnical Commission IEC 60335-2-113-2016 "Safety of Household and Similar Electrical Appliances", so when purchasing, be sure to check whether the details page has the above information.

2. look at the parameters of the hair removal device. The higher the energy density of the hair removal device, the better the hair removal effect; the longer the wavelength, the stronger the penetrating power, and the better the hair removal effect. Generally, you should choose a hair removal device with a wavelength above 550nm. The wavelength of this type of hair removal device is easier to reach the root of the hair follicle, the hair removal effect will be better, and the skin irritation will be weaker.

3. Before the product is launched, real-life experiments will be conducted to verify the effect, and there will be corresponding data results. Some brands even have test reports provided by professional third-party organizations such as SGS. These information will also be clearly marked on the product details page .

4. Identify the brand. The easiest way for novices to avoid mistakes is to choose a big brand. Generally, well-known brands have better craftsmanship, better safety, and complete qualification data. Compared with unknown small brands, they are more Assure.

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