• Household hair removal device

    10 things you need to know about home hair removal devices! Hair removal devices are becoming more and more popular. The quality of hair removal devices on the market varies from 399 to 4999. Here is a collection of some recent article reviews of Zhihu masters, as well as my own homework to give you some popular science, some things you must know about buying and using home hair removal devices!The first: is it really possible to remove hair permanently?There is no real permanent hair removal! Even if you go to a formal professional beauty salon,...
  • Is it really necessary to buy a hair removal device?

    Today we are going to talk about hair remover. For example, what is the difference between different types of hair removal devices? What should we pay attention to when purchasing? If you also have the above questions, then the following content must be coded carefully, let’s take a look together without further ado! 1.What does a hair remover remove? Our hair can be divided into four parts from bottom to top: "hair papilla, hair follicle, hair root and hair shaft". The exposed part is the hair shaft, the hair root is hidden in the skin, the...
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