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10 things you need to know about home hair removal devices!

Hair removal devices are becoming more and more popular. The quality of hair removal devices on the market varies from 399 to 4999. Here is a collection of some recent article reviews of Zhihu masters, as well as my own homework to give you some popular science, some things you must know about buying and using home hair removal devices!

The first: is it really possible to remove hair permanently?
There is no real permanent hair removal! Even if you go to a formal professional beauty salon, there is no such thing as permanent hair removal.
The principle of the hair removal device is to use IPL intense pulsed light to target the melanin in the hair follicle and hair shaft. When melanin selectively absorbs light energy, the local temperature rises sharply, and the hair follicle tissue will be destroyed by carbonization, and the purpose of hair removal can be achieved. Moreover, the thermal damage of hair removal can be limited to the target tissue, that is, the hair follicle containing melanin, so it will not cause damage to the surrounding tissue.
However, after some years, the hair will still grow one after another! I will continue to remove the hair later.

The second: Will the hair removal device harm the skin?
As mentioned above, the thermal damage of hair removal can be limited to the target tissue, that is, the hair follicle containing melanin, so it will not cause damage to the surrounding tissue.
If you are injured, there are several situations:

1) If you are exposed to the sun after hair removal.

2) Light up and remove hair where the wound has not fully healed.

The third: buy domestic or imported?
Essentially, the techniques used are the same.
Why is there such a big price difference?

1) Brand premium;

2) Differences in electronic engineering technology;

3) Materials for production;

4) tax;

5) Marketing and promotion costs are shared equally;
After personal observation and looking for different product users, the conclusion is: under the condition of comprehensive product price and performance balance, one thing is certain, the price of domestic products is more friendly. Of course, the 299 and 399 hair removal devices are definitely not good~ because the actual production cost will not be too low, if you want to ensure the quality and user experience.

The fourth: the greater the energy, the better the hair removal effect, but! Be rational!
For all hair removal devices, the greater the energy, the better the hair removal effect. However, the greater the energy, the higher the pain! Using lower energy, just one or two more times, can achieve the same effect.
The energy intensity of hair removal equipment products in beauty hospitals is almost 20 times that of home use. Therefore, before use, a layer of gel should be applied to protect the skin, and the energy level should be adjusted according to the different reactions of each person.
Be rational, everyone. The bigger the energy, the better, even if it is too small, it will have no effect. Take Yameng as an example, it has the least energy among all products, and the reaction is very slight when it is hit on the body. It is suitable for almost everyone, and there is no burning pain, but it needs to be used every day. Philips has the most energy and pain relief of any other home brand.

The Fifth: Normal hair removal, how long does it take to get results?
Normal professional medical beauty needs to go several times to be effective. Home hair removal devices have lower energy and will be much slower.
In addition, the effective time is different in different places. Armpit hair and leg hair should be relatively slow. Normally, it takes 2-4 weeks of normal use. Students with heavy hair may need an additional week before they can clearly perceive hair growth. The speed slowed down, and slowly began to stop growing. Hair removal is still a long-term process.

The Sixth: Can girls remove hair in the bikini area?
Some students have asked if women’s genitals are okay, and you must pay attention to this place! You need to shave before hair removal, so the vulva is okay, but the genitals are not. Sensitive areas, don’t be dead! The normal bikini line is also not Question, where is the bikini line? Check it out!

The Seventh: How to judge whether a hair removal device is good or bad?
There are great gods who have talked about many details of the hair removal device, such as wavelength, energy, and so on.

1) Looking at the size of the product, some products are huge! Huge! This is very unreasonable;

2) Look at the material of the product, some of which are particularly poor, with a strong sense of plastic;

3) The speed of light output

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